Stefan Gustafsson

Resume | Other work

Interface Design

Mobile + web

  • Shopping

    iPhone, iPad and Android apps

    Re-designed an old app to a more modern, light and fresh look. The re-do significantly boosted review numbers and user interest.

    Nextag Shopping
  • Head-To-Head Shopping

    iPad app

    Designed a playful interface for a different way to pick the most fitting product for your needs

    Nextag Head-To-Head Shopping
  • Web, tablet and phone site

    Re-design the main B2B site for the technology platform. We decided to break down as much of the complex products into easy-to-grasp illustrations in order to keep the site light on text.

  • In-Store Deals

    iPhone app

    Creating a location based coupon app to increase in-store conversion.

    WizeCommerce In-Store Deals
  • Price Matcher

    Android tablet app + desktop backend interface

    Designed a tool for in-store clerks to use for on-the-spot price matching, coupled with a desktop backend.

    WizeCommerce Price Matcher
  • Iconography and visual messaging

    Designed a new visual language for a customer review site. Illustrations needed to help explain the complexity of the rating system.

    Wize Iconography and visual messaging